Saturday, June 16, 2012

Doll Play

Do you remember our trip last Thanksgiving to the American Girl Store with Aunt Leslie?

And how Adrianna was even more enamored by the dolls than Kristina was??

Well, I have finally done it.

I have finally given over one of my personal and very precious American Girl dolls to my two year old child.

She loves it dearly.

So dearly, in fact, that I have gotten her previously beloved "Baby" away from her.

Which is a good thing, as it is now missing both legs and an arm in addition to sporting a fine head of hippie-worthy dreadlocks.

And which is also why giving up my prized (and like, expensive...) doll to her two-year-old self gives me some pause, as I would really hate for her to become similarly de-limbed.

I keep telling myself that the doll is A) of a much higher quality, and therefore more likely to stay intact in the first place B) limb repairable, with the American Girl hospital and C) can be ordered a new head if the hair situation gets truly horrifying.

However both girls are cute enough with them to make any concern over the dolls' well being almost inconsequential.

Additionally, I had also turned over some of my dolls' clothing to Kristina at Christmas, which means now the girls get to play with pieces like the nightgown Adrianna's doll is wearing that my mother had made for me when I was young.

It makes me remember how much I adored the dolls I had (have, technically, as they sit there on my shelf...) and makes me see how many fun years there will be ahead for the three of us to spend playing with the dolls together as the girls fall every bit as much in love with them as I did.

It also makes me into the really good mama who happily sits on the floor with her children changing doll outfits and brushing doll hair because I'm enjoying it every bit as much as they are, instead of the mama who really just wants to cruise facebook and other equally worthless internets while her children play on their own.

Now if only I still didn't fear slightly for own doll's metaphorical life.... 


  1. I'm too old to have had an AG doll, but I somehow got on the mailing list and have been begging The Spouse to buy me one. You know, for me.

    1. He totally should. And get you all the cute little accessories and outfits for it too. He'd be the best husband EVER then!!

  2. Cute! Does the American Girl company fix dolls for free? Like lifetime warranty? Or do you have to pay?