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A Few Thoughts on Bows

February 2010
I have to admit, I am a big fan of hair bows on little girls, and have greatly enjoyed having two little girls to bow up.

However, it's been a solid 2 years since my last real bow purchasing spree (well, besides a few very small not really counting clips at Target), and our stock has gotten very depleted.

(And yes, I was THAT mother, who had to get matching bows for all the special outfits.)

(But don't worry, I've been substantially stressed sleep deprived busier poorer enlightened  since then, and no longer see it as pressingly important.)

So when I came home from work yesterday to learn that Kristina had gotten herself dressed, brushed her hair, and made it look nice by putting a bow in it all by herself without even needing to be asked that morning, I decided we needed some more bows on hand ASAP.

I've ordered bows online from a couple different small businesses and ebay sellers, and by far my favorite for overall best selection, quality, and pricing is Five Blessed Bows.

And RIGHT NOW they have a sale going on where several basic styles are 50% percent off!

Now, a few notes about their various bow options that I have come to learn from when I was a regular bow shopper:
  • The grippy material is great for the newborn sized bows on semi-bald children. It's a pain on any bow larger that you're trying to put in actual hair. 
  • The only size bows that will stay on a small baby's head are the small baby bows. Even if they have babyhair, there just isn't enough of it nor is it strong enough to hold the weight of the big ones. If you really want the little baby to wear supersized bows (although I personally advise AGAINST putting a bow on a child that is as big as her (or his...) head), they have to go on a bow headband.
  • The alligator clips are THE way to go for the toddler/preschool crowd, and work quite well stuck into ponytails OR just clipped in on their own.
  • Light colors look good on dark hair and dark colors look good on light hair. 
    • I would argue this point holds true in clothing too, as Adrianna looks MUCH better in light yellow than Kristina ever did, and I think it's because she doesn't have blond hair. 
  • I really like the classic look of the basic bow. The butterfly bow is poofier and nice for a little bow variety, but just doesn't have quite the same "timeless little girl" effect when worn to me. 
  • I like the look of the bows with tails on the computer screen, but find they do funky things in my children's hair while being worn and that the tail-less bows are much easier to work with. 
  • The supersized baby corkers are very similar to the Gymboree barrettes, but having them on regular little alligator clippies makes them waaay easier to use (and they are also sturdier than the Gymboree barrettes). I have not ordered any of the larger corker sizes, although they look somewhat intimidatingly huge from the pictures.
    • Again, I don't think bows should be larger than the head of the child wearing them.

And now we're just (slightly impatiently) waiting for our very exciting package of NEW bows to arrive!

August 2010

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