Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Future at Target

I was approached today by one of the managers at Target about possibly taking a more specialized role over in the market area. He claims it's a good stepping stone towards being a team lead, and it does come with a pay raise. But all the people he has had over there since I was hired have been miserable, and some even gone so far as to quit in a dramatic fashion because of the stress of working that very specific job.

Oh, and the STORE MANAGER was the one who suggested me for it in the first place.

But you know, no pressure to take it or anything.

My boss is out of town this week, so I sent him a text message about it (but I'm really not that horrible, I asked him how the beach was first, then I told him Boulder was almost on fire, and then I launched into the dramatic updating of why he's not allowed to ever take vacation again because crazy shit always starts happening and my stress level gets all spiky and I have to start eating copious amounts of cupcakes just to make it through the days), as even though I had specifically stated I wanted to talk to my boss about it before giving an answer regarding the position (and only in part because I was a little skeptical about how taking this would actually be a promotion in the sense of how I want to be promoted), I wasn't real confident everyone would just wait until he got back.

[See also: Marty is a decent human being who doesn't just spontaneously switch work stations the week her boss is on vacation.]

And he told me that the electronics boss had ALSO been talking (just not to me) about wanting to move me over to his team, so I could probably have that position as well if I wanted it. That one is also a slight pay raise (although less than the market one), but I'd be even less inclined to take it since the prospect of answering questions about printer cords freaks me out way more than rearranging the bananas does. 

He also said he'd miss me on instocks, but would agree to me changing work centers so long as it was something I wanted to do and to a position I would enjoy having. 

Once I was able to wrap my head around all of this (it took a little while), I started trying to look at the different aspects of the store.

First off, there is the changing bosses. I like working for my current boss. We get along well, and he is very accommodating to things like my scheduling whims and sporadic rounds of artistic creativity (and even tolerates me texting him about work issues when he's in Florida). When there was talk a few months back of him and the market boss switching roles, I was threatening to request a transfer into the backroom specifically to avoid working for Mr. Market. Taking the market position would be serving myself up on a silver platter to his leadership. And would require me to potentially stop referring to him as "such an ass" all the time. *ahem*

Next there is the potential role itself. I think I would do fine in either area (assuming I did some crash course training in stuff like what LCD means in reference to television sets), and actually suspect I would excel at the market position with the challenge of it. The market scores are AWFUL right now, and have been for a while, which means if they were to get way better after I went over there I would have some serious awesome points accumulated. Of course, I am very sure that the instocks team scores have been all over the map since I started working at Target, while the team itself has operated almost exactly the same the whole time, and therefore I'm not entirely sure whether I could really even change the market score, or if it really is a matter of dumb luck (which I don't usually have a whole lot of....).

Both market and electronics would have me boxed into a much smaller area of the store, and as I think about that component of it I ponder whether the store really wants that. Right now I do a LOT across the entire store, and actually really enjoy having complete jurisdiction to be all over the place on my personal whim. Taking phone calls, backing up, filling endcaps, fixing zone issues, correcting signing.... it's all me in the morning, since there's often nobody from the general sales floor in until noon. And those are things they NEED somebody doing. There's also the part where I would have to adjust to not physically moving around the store the entire day. I think that could be hard at first, I like my constant walking. Also, both potential jobs have a much higher amount of boredom with them from what I can tell from the employees who work there, where there are sometimes long stretches where you just aren't doing much of anything. Instocks doesn't have that, and I've really grown to like the fast pace of my days (well, most of the time...).

And there's the part where I would be leaving instocks. I like being on instocks, and much of the time I am the person carrying that team. This morning the other opener called in, and I scanned the entire store by myself. That sentence probably doesn't mean ANYTHING to anyone not intimately familiar with Target's inner workings, but it is a pretty notable feat to simply complete the work of two people and one no-one on the team besides my boss ever manages to pull it off successfully. Also, change is hard for me.... especially when I'm very comfortable where I am. And I am very, very comfortable on instocks.

But pondering all this has led me to one conclusion amongst all of the personal confusion. I am doing well at that store, and other people are aware of that. I may even have more power than I previously thought over directing where I go.

I just need to decide what to be and go be it....

The Avett Brothers, Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise


  1. At InStocks, you're a big fish with little chance of promotion. However, by moving to a different department ...
    I'd vote to take the challenge. You'll find new things to excel at and love in your new role. And I know you're already experiencing stagnation and frustration in your current role.

    Although, congratulations are to be offered for friggen rocking your job!

  2. Yea!! It's always nice to be wanted, right?

    Can you talk to the HR person or one of the bigger store managers and express your concerns about 1) wanting to cross train in different departments so that you aren't boxed in to one department and 2) concerns about Mr. Market's management style? More specifically, say you are a little intimidated, you've heard it can be rough over there in the market section, and you'd like some assurances you can be transferred somewhere before you play "Take This Job and Shove It" over the store intercom while mooning customers.

    It will look good on your resume that you were promoted.