Saturday, June 30, 2012

Guest Comments

On your receipt from purchasing something at Target, sometimes it will print out instructions for taking a survey online about your shopping experience at that particular store that day.

How the store is scored is a VERY big deal for team members (well, at least it is for a couple choice executive managers, and they certainly do their best to make it a big deal for everyone else), and there is a section towards the end for writing down whatever comment you so wish to share with the store (might I recommend "Marty is ridiculously awesome" for all you local Boulderites??).

If you really want one, purchase something from the electronics counter, as those registers automatically print one out with every transaction. And as another fun insider fact, they will totally ring you up for purchases composed completely of unrelated-to-electronics merchandise, you just have to ask nicely.

No really, you can totally go buy a toothbrush and bag of potato chips from electronics (and you certainly wouldn't be the first person to do so). 

But getting back to the open ended comment section. Every week someone from HR puts the current ones up in the staff hallway, and all employees can pull them up for themselves on the computer at any time if they know where to look for them.

This is something I don't think people necessarily realize, that these comments, the good the bad and the ugly, really are seen by all 240 employees at that store and not just one individual in Minnesota (the home of Target).

People often contradict their experiences, one will say team members wouldn't leave them alone while the next will say they couldn't find anyone when they needed help. Some say we have great stuff, while others demand better selection. For every person who says prices are too high, there's one saying they love how cheap everything is.

And there's always someone furthering the Boulder anit-plastic-bag-usage campaign! 

But that never changing dribble doesn't matter much at all compared to a comment that came through the week before last.

  • It was after this purchase that it came to my attention that Target has chosen to endorse homosexual marriage and donate large sums of money towards that end. As someone heading up a family of eight, it disappoints me that Target has chosen sides in the culture wars. We have regularly shopped at Target, but are sad to say that we - along with many families we know, will be taking our business elsewhere. It is not true, by the way, that our rights are unaffected by the homosexual marriage agenda. Parents across the nation are finding their rights to raise their children as they see fit taken away as soon as it becomes 'legal'. In every case, once this passes, religious freedoms go out the window. Maybe you don't want to hear this in your feedback, but if you care so much about how tidy or friendly I think your store is, I suggest you not ignore the matters of conscience that will keep large families from even GOING to your store. And frankly, we're the kind of people who spend lots of money at Target. Or in mine and other's cases, USED to. Sorry for the rant, but you've really touched a button with this one, and I think you'll start seeing sales slipping even further the way JC Penny's have. Feel free to contact me by calling (626) 369-3630 and ask for Rick.

Everybody read it. Everybody.

And everyone I spoke to about it was disgusted by it (not to mention confused as to what he's even talking about regarding Target supporting the homosexual marriage agenda). This is Boulder, it's not ok to say shit like that here. 

A part of me wants to call, both out of disgust and out of morbid curiosity (can he REALLY believe that his rights to religion are being compromised by allowing others to marry??).

But I also know it would be a frustrating and futile experience. And whether I could call as a Target employee would be even more questionable....

But as a person, I mostly want to just wanted to smack him for being an idiot.

You have a right to believe what you want as your own person, even if I strongly disagree with it. You have just as much a right to boycott businesses like Chick-fil-A for being hyper conservative Christian (or at least, to want to boycott businesses like Chick-fil-A for being hyper conservative Christian, if only their chicken wasn't so damn good.....) as those whom you see as being overtly liberal and progressive.

(Not only will Target hire female employees for all positions in the store, but they even let them wear pants!!) 

But profusing those beliefs in a narrow minded and ultimately hurtful manner to the entire staff, 99% of whom are just as much slaves of the corporate bureaucracy as the shoppers are, is wrong.

And thankfully, most people just dismissed you as being a homophobic asshole and/or bigot, and didn't give you much more thought than you deserve.

But then again, a few of us think you're being an homophobic asshole and/or bigot, and keep personal blogs to ramble about such views for as long as we like, and make sure that those same questionable views and phone number are now on the internet for the world to do with what they will.

Good luck trusting the rest of humanity to be better than that.

Also, have fun shopping at Walmart. I'm sure there won't be this issue with them, as they aren't nearly as concerned about their community involvement image, and therefore don't do things like publicly give lots of money to local non-profits and schools.

Or like, donations to the Redcross to help the people evacuated from their homes in South Boulder a few days ago with the Flagstaff fire, and have an outstanding offer from the HR executive herself to help any employee affected by it however the store can (clothes, food, a place to stay). You know, just the stuff to help people living in the same city and to take care of the people who work at the store in a time of crises.

You know what, you may be right. It does sound like Target is furthering the culture war for genuine local community involvement without discrimination. What an evil corrupting institution I work for indeed. I'm sure that your 6 children can read all about it in those nice books Target donated to their public school library.

Oh, and you totally left out the part about us being socialist by donating non-sellable food to the food bank so homeless people can continue to subsist on corporation's discarded bananas and state welfare (did you know the homeless shelter even has BEDS for people to sleep on?? Those transients sure as hell won't want to go get their own housing with accommodations like that on top of getting free bananas AND a shower). I wouldn't want for you to miss a talking point as important as socialism in your enlightened ranting about how we're destroying the moral fabric of society.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go look at the restoring faith in humanity pictures again and find that happy place where there's hope for the world to become a better place. And possibly considering moving to Canada.....

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  1. Sigh. Is that even true about Target? To what have they donated large sums of money that could be construed that way? On the other hand, the comment got noticed... interesting to think about to what uses store-comment activism could be put. (On other, actually important, issues, of course!)