Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's Turtle Time

It's time once again for the annual Turtle Float Fundraiser at the girls' preschool, Over the Rainbow.

In addition to selling $5 turtles (much like a raffle, but with higher levels of adorableness and not using the word "raffle" as it is, apparently, very illegal to do so) again this year, we also set up an ONLINE AUCTION.

Buy a turtle, or you make baby Kristina sad
I have to admit, I had some trepidations about this effort, and whether it will actually be bringing in the sort of profit the fundraising committee chair seems to think it will.

But it's up and running, so by all means, go bid on a fancy Vancouver hotel or Eldora ski tickets! 

And should you be feeling especially supportive of a small town non-profit business my children enjoy on a daily basis (and want to make me appear super awesome when ranked against other fundraising parents), feel free to get in touch with me about sponsoring a turtle (or twelve) and I'll get you all the super exciting ticket details.

Also, I am looking forward to this being done so I can stop making posters for it.

I'm sure it wouldn't be that hard, except that I've been doing it in MSPaint. Fear my MSPaint skills, for they are fierce. And a little lacking something desirable. Like perhaps competence?

But come June 24th the event is done for another year, and we will all be truly greatful.

HOWEVER, the auction and turtle dump aren't the only parts of it this year! We're also hosting a fundraising post-turtle-dump prize selection and music shin-dig at the local Whistler's Cafe that afternoon and 50% of all sales (including alcohol!!! everybody needs some post-turtling drinks!! or at least I sure will!) during that time go directly to the preschool. 

So come, buy a turtle (or twenty-seven), float it down the river, and eat a little dinner afterwards.

It just so happens that the High Peaks Art Festival is that very same weekend (it's almost like we planned it that way or something really crazy like that), so there will also be lots of other fun things to do in Nederland June 23rd and 24th in addition to rooting for your turtle and voting for the best dressed duck on Sunday.

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