Monday, June 25, 2012

Kristina's Pet Logic

Kristina asked me if we could get a dog.

I told that we have two indoor cats instead.

She looked at Diamond asleep on the floor for a moment, pondering deeply.

And then looked at the door.

And then looked back at Diamond.

"So, if we didn't have the cats, then we could get a dog?"

"Maybe. But we still have the cats right now."

"What if they die?"

"Hopefully that won't happen for a long time, and we'll talk about new pets when it does."

Kristina looked at the door again.

"What if they run away outside and got ate by a bear?"

I looked at Kristina looking at the cat lounging obliviously to her plotted doom in the sun.

"Don't you even think about letting the cats go outside on purpose young lady. You will NOT be getting a dog if you do that, you hear me??"

Kristina looked down at the floor by her feet, pouting ever so slightly.

"Yes Mama."