Sunday, June 10, 2012

Like Mother, Like Daughter: Birthday Dress

Kristina has talked about her upcoming birthday party in August since about half a moment after her one last year ended.

What theme to have, who to invite, where to have it... all of these have been greatly pondered by her (and had her mind change several dozen times).

But today she said something that was truly remarkable.

She said she wanted to have all her party guests dressed up. The girls need to wear fancy dresses and the boys need to wear nice shirts and pants.

Now, I already had an inkling that her mind was going this way from when we were browsing the super-duper mega clearance sale at Gymboree a few weeks back and she wanted to get a specific extremely nice party dress to wear to a party. When I gently pointed out that I didn't think she would have any fancy parties to go to this summer, she thought a moment and then declared that she wanted to wear to HER birthday party.

And as the dress in question was marked down to the $10 and under range, I was agreeable for this plan.

But see, you remember the part about her really wanting her party guests to also be in nice clothes?

Well, it just so happened that I made that EXACT. SAME. REQUEST. to my very own mother in regards to my 4th birthday party.

And yes, I was rather disappointed in the boys' lack of appropriately fancy clothes. Even when I was 4. The girls totally got the memo and arrived in picture perfect party dresses. And then one of them even got the whole "hey lets take a picture" idea and smiled adorably at the camera!

Sadly, I was not that adorable child. I was the one with a pink balloon behind her head looking sullenly at the boy, probably begrudging him showing up to my fancy dress party in his classy 80s sweat suite.

                   Damnit, when I say black tie on the invitation, I MEAN black tie!

Or you know, whatever the four-year-old version of that idea would be.

However, as understanding as I am about Kristina's desire to have a party with all of her friends in their best dresses, it complicates what to do for her party slightly.

Some children I'm sure would be agreeable to things like a tea party or other such activities. But Kristina's love of birthday parties is centered greatly around running all wild with her friends (and balloons and cake, of course).

But I had been thinking of just doing it in our backyard with the zipline, sandbox and trampoline out in the beauty of summer in the Colorado Rockies.

(By which I mean it'd be in the morning before the regular afternoon hail and thunderstorm starts)

And as much as I'm willing to take a deep breath and just let my child go roll in the dirt in her new fancy dress (after all, it was pretty cheap and bought specifically for her to wear and enjoy on that day), other parents might not feel quite so inclined with their offspring and said offspring's best clothes.

But then again, this IS Nederland. People take children playing outdoors and getting dirty as a way of life here. Perhaps the other parents wouldn't mind too much if it also just so happened to involve fancy party dresses??


  1. You should tell the other mothers about the sale you saw

  2. You should tell the other mothers about the sale you saw