Thursday, June 28, 2012


I took the girls to the pool a few weekends ago, and discovered the semi-tragic side effect of chlorine significantly decreasing the pink in my hair.

This may have been an obvious inherent risk to some, but as I haven't exactly done much hair dying (or swimming, for that matter) in my life, it was a rather shocking discovery for me.

So then after a week of deliberation over what to do with it, I decided the only thing that might help would be a repinking.

First was the challenge of separating out the previously pinked chunk of hair, which was looking a pretty poor shade of blondy-orange thanks to the pool water (although everyone kept telling me to just be glad it wasn't green).

Next came the liberal application of pink goop. I happen use kitchen gloves for just about everything besides washing dishes. You know, just in case you ever decide to wash my dishes and see some yellow gloves under the sink, you might want to know that odds are they're not actually the sort of thing you'd want to use with food-holding-stuff.

Then the wrapping of the hair like a burrito and customary watching tv to keep track of time.

Pinking process = 1 Daily Show w/o commercials

Then after the washing and drying, my hair was once again awesomely pink. This is the first time I've kept a hair dryer for the purpose of drying my hair in at least 8 years. I feel so grown up, and it almost makes me want to go live on the wild side and get a curling iron.

I really have grown quit fond of the pinkness. I also continue to get lots of compliments on it at work, and occasionally even from people other than 8 year old girls!


  1. That looks really good!! Mine didn't work nearly that well. What brand did you use?

    1. The brand is Manic Panic (you can order from their website or Amazon), and that particular color is hot hot pink. I definitely think the original bleaching made a huge difference in how it came out, and I followed the application instructions of a friend (leave on for 20 mins, blow dry for 5, rinse and condition) instead of what was on the jar (which I don't think included the blow drying??), so I don't know if that part really impacted how it came out or not.

  2. When I re-dyed (also due to swimming and showers fading the color) I just grabbed a chunk of hair around the bleach. Figured the color wouldn't really show up on my dark hair anyway, no worries.
    Side note: I got WAY more comments with blue hair than pink. Was actually rather disappointing for me since I liked the pink better (but the local Hot Topic was out of stock with the Hot Hot Pink).