Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sharing Ice Cream

We were getting lunch at McDonald's a few weeks ago when an employee approached us and asked if we'd like a free ice cream cone.

I do think it was just because somebody just goofed and made an extra one or whatever, and not an extremely magnanimous gesture on behalf of the organization.

But hey, free ice cream is free ice cream, and this family sure does love ice cream.

However, as there was only cone I was slightly worried that there might be a sharing problem.

(And only briefly debated whether I was going to have to go buy another one just to avoid the potential impending ice cream drama.)

But Kristina was a very gracious big sister, and Adrianna didn't even blink an eye over the fact that she didn't get to hold the cone, and they shared that unexpected little bit of ice cream in an outstandingly awesome (and dare I say adorable?) way.

It was a very pleasant lunch, after a very pleasant morning out and about. So see, every so often the horrible pooping and loud screaming of raising children gets interrupted by a perfectly pleasant day.

But don't tell the girls Mommy actually enjoyed our time out, they might see that as a challenge to make sure I don't have a pleasant day with them again until they're teenagers.


  1. The Dynamic Duo would have been unable to share that cone.

    1. Yeah, I didn't think my moment of serious concern about whether they'd be able to share it was all that misplaced.... as most days they can't manage to share the bathtub without issue (and by issue, I mean negotiation of space and toys done by who can scream louder)

  2. Adorable!!! Good job, girls!