Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sloppy Real Estate

As some of you may have noticed, I like looking at houses.

A lot.

But there is something I see CONSTANTLY that irritates me to no end.

Crappy pictures taken by the Realtor. 

Now I know and understand that some spaces, like smaller bathrooms, are very difficult to get good angles or full room shots in regardless of skill, effort, or equipment.

I get that. I do. Really.

But when pictures of things like the living room are not only poorly done angle/cropping/view wise, but also out of focus it just bugs the shit out of me.

If you're making a living by doing this and a key component is taking pictures of these houses, invest a small amount into a halfway decent camera. Because really, for $200 you could get a fairly nice and respectable one that you would use constantly and which would serve you well for many years. Only having the super cheap poor resolution and 10 year old digital one is just shooting yourself in the foot.

Also, learn to use the flash. Sometimes you want it on, sometimes you want it off, it is a setting button on ALL cameras, it's really not that hard to try taking pictures of a room both ways.

And for the love of all that is sacred to even the most dimwitted photographer, HOLD THE DAMN THING STILL WHILE YOU SNAP THE PICTURE.

Do you know how much a tripod costs? We sell some at Target for under $20 if you're hands are really that unsteady. Also, many modern cameras that aren't at the complete bottom of the digital camera spectrum have a built in shake stabilizing function that will help as well. They also have things like really awesome auto focus settings. You know, in case you'd want to try having your living room picture be in focus for once.

I wonder if I could make a career around taking decent pictures of houses for Realtors....

If anybody is curious, the fuzzy living room picture example came from this pretty house HERE, which I came across after applying for a very low level administrative support position with the District Attorney's office in Greeley, where it is both cheap to live and there is a resolvable stock of cool older houses available. 


  1. And worse yet - why is the fuzzy photo of the furniture?? I don't want to see how the current owners have decorated (unless it is staying) I want to see what the room looks like!!

  2. Have you considered going into real estate? I would love it, but would have to start over at the bottom and have no patience for that.