Thursday, June 21, 2012

A Small Town Bullhorn

The big Turtle Float Fundraiser for Over the Rainbow Preschool is coming up this weekend.

(It's still not too late to buy turtles!!)

It's a small town event, and relies heavily on support of many different components in the community to pull off. 

I had been told that another board member had spoken with the Nederland Police Department about using their bullhorn for the announcing of the turtle numbers, and that the PD had said that they did have a bullhorn, it might work, and we were more than welcome to it.

So I agreed to pick it up today when I was in town fetching the girls home from preschool.

It took a few minutes of searching for the officers who were there to locate it, as it was sitting on the receptionist's desk three feet away from where I was standing and not in any of the back supply closets like they thought it would be.

As promised, it was not working, and they set right about in that wonderfully manly way of trying to fix the damn thing for me.

The first step was, of course, taking it apart.

After learning that it appeared to run a 9-volt battery, they had to go search up a new 9-volt and see if that would fix the problem.

Well, first one was daring the other to touch it to his tongue to see if it still worked, and the other one was saying he didn't want to because he knew who else worked in that office and that they had probably already done that.

And then they went to get a new 9-volt to see if that would fix the problem

When they were taking the old one out, they noticed that it had been taped in at some previous point in time.


Eh, no worries, it probably just falls out easily when jostled around, I was assured by the two uniformed men.

But then it got really interesting, as they quickly realized that the battery holding connection spaces weren't the right distance to actually accommodate a standard 9-volt, nor did they have any idea what size battery WOULD fit in the very unique fixture inside of this quickly becoming exceptional bullhorn.

And after that great moment of pondering silence and briefly wondering whether the department had the budget to get a new bullhorn eventually, one suggested to the other that they see if it'll work just holding the 9-volt as much against the connectors as it would fit.

Lo and behold, the very special bullhorn WORKED!!

That was also the moment the light bulb flashed as to what the tape had been for, and one set right about finding some more tape for this truly unusual government issue voice amplifier.

A quick tape job later, I was in possession of a mostly working (so long as I don't mind that it doesn't turn off) bullhorn for our fundraiser!

The parting words of the police officers: Don't worry if it falls into the creek or anything, it won't break anyone's heart in THIS office!

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