Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Wonderful Idea

I've never gone to a Halloween party in my life.

I've also never done much for a costume since becoming an adult, despite all the time spent in great contemplation about my children. 

However, last year I really wanted to do something, and managed to do pull off Princess Leia buns at work to a very satisfactory level.

See, I wasn't allowed to wear a costume at Target, but there aren't any strict guidelines about hair with the dress code, so as long as I was in red and khaki I was totally ok.

Hence the most recognizable classic hairstyle in modern geek culture ever.

But ever since then I've been pondering how to pull off something even better this year.

And I finally got it.

I can be Wonder Woman, with this target-dress-code-red t-shirt, a gold tiara on big wavy hair, and possibly arm gauntlets if I'm feeling particularly bold right then.

Admittedly, khaki pants aren't quite the same as star spangled hot-shorts, but I think most people will recognize what I'm going for.

OR I'll just make them all read my blog, so they can appreciate how clever I'm being. 


  1. Pretty sure you've been to Dojo Halloween parties. (complete with piñata bashing).

    That said, I like your Wonder Woman idea!

  2. You've never been to a Halloween party? I'm shocked!

  3. Oh! I'm good at tutus! When is the bday party again? I might be able to manage a visit is the cost works out.