Thursday, July 19, 2012

Cherubs and Imps and Tutus, Oh My!

This year I really want to make Kristina and Adrianna an angel and a devil for Halloween.

Or as my friend Cassi suggested, a cherub and an imp.

This was a good idea. It t makes one of my children sound slightly less demonic (although really, have you seen a two year old??), and allows for both of them to wear wings.

After Adrianna's staunch refusal to wear a costume beyond a tutu and wings last year, I'm thinking that this is an especially good plan, and subsequently I've been pondering whether I could make tutus for them myself.

I feel ever-so-slightly guilty over my extreme lack of parent-crafting for their costumes (or like, anything else...) in the past, and figure that a year of home-made tutus ought to absolve me a guilt at least until Adrianna is in school. If I managed to bibbity bobbity some wings too, I'd be set until they're practically teenagers!

Plus it does allow for me to make them as equal as possible. It would never do for Adrianna to get a tutu and Kristina to get a simple nightgown dress (like what I ended up with when I was a 4-year-old angel).

However, there are moments where I still hesitate to be fully on board with it.

I used to be crafty. I used to love going to Hobby Lobby and Micheal's, and did all sorts of amazing things with a hot glue gun. I made teeny tiny hats for ponies, I made holiday cards to send people, I made chocolate flowers, I made picture frames.

And then, I had a baby.

And suddenly, my ability to do any of it was gone.

I'm still not sure what exactly happened. If it was the lack of undisturbed time, or the general lack of sleep. If it was the inability to leave partially completed projects out for a few days, or the constant holding of a nursing baby.

But I haven't successfully MADE anything crafty since a week before Kristina was born.

A few projects have been started, but always abandoned long before they were completed.

I worry that I will fail to complete proper tutus for my children, and that then they won't have Halloween costumes.

But... that wouldn't actually happen. Either I'd buckle down and get it done as the very firm deadline approached, or I'd panic about not having done so and rush out and spend far too much money on back-up costumes for them.

So then there's only the part about learning how to make tutus to tackle.

Thanks to the ever-handy internet, I have just discovered that making a tutu sounds remarkably easy. And even better, can be done entirely without sewing if I so choose!

(Sewing: not Marty's favorite.) 

However, there is one BIG discrepancy I noticed in my 5 minutes of glancing through interwebs, and that is the amount of tulle needed for creating said tutu.

This one says 20 yards, this one says 4, and this one says 2-8. And those were only the first few results that popped up in google, I didn't even get to reading any beyond that!

Besides a still-present need to examine the tutus we have around closely for size dimensions and a do a little further review from online sources, I just might be ready and able to pull off a pair of tutus for this Halloween.

But what about the rest of it? Halos and horns? Wings? Tiny pitchfork and.... harp? Wand?? What do angels and/or cherubs hold anyways?

And is there any chance of Adrianna not using the tiny pitchfork to stab her sister?

Yep, it's a good thing I think about these things in July. There just wouldn't be enough to time to pull it all together in the month of October.


  1. Check out my post from my daughter's dance recital - especially the ballet tutu. It was a piece of maybe 1" elastic for the waistband and had strips of tulle (4"x20" maybe) tied to the elastic. That was it.

    You can buy rolls of tulle in the wedding section of Michael's or wherever. Easy and quick!

    I love the devil / angel idea - CUTE!

  2. Halloween is my very favorite holiday! I used to plan it months in advance, then I had kids. And THEN my kids go their own ideas about what they wanted to be. Huge bummer.