Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Double Grandma Whammy

This past week my (former) mother-in-law Oma Ann was in town visiting her sister, the always awesome Great Aunt Barbie, who oh-so-conveniently lives right here in Boulder. And the girls had a grand old time with their double dose of grandmas and sprinkling of great aunt thrown in for good measure.

Because really, the only thing better than having one attentive doting grandmother to play with is having two. 

The girls were extremely well behaved for it, at least for the parts I was present for and from what I was told about the behavior I didn't personally witness.

Adrianna did have an ear infection, but all that really ended up meaning was that while I was busy taking her to the doctor and running by the pharmacy on Tuesday Kristina got a few hours of completely unshared Oma and Aunt Barbie time.

(Kristina is a bit of a fan of undivided adult attention.)

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