Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mustache Friday

Some of the guys at Target got together and decided to have Mustache Friday this week. 

Or as I thought of it, See Who Can Look The Creepiest From Changing Their Facial Hair Day.

(For some reason, their title of it had a better ring to it.)

The picture isn't even all of them that did it. It was almost an epidemic. Of creepy looking mustaches. In Target. 

(Also, turns out my previous "I like facial hair" statement needs some serious modification.)

The girls of Target feel like we need our own awesome equivalent to do. 

But we can't think of anything. And most of us have a serious lack of ability to grow mustaches even if we tried.

Afro Day was suggested, but nobody really wants to MAKE their hair look like that on purpose.

(Also, we may have a few more qualms about freaking out the poor shoppers of Target than the males obviously do.)

So now I'm hoping some of you will have some awesome suggestions in the matter.

Because really, it's just not fair for the boys to have all the fun.


  1. How about Eighties Hair Friday?

  2. I like Andie's suggestion. Alternately: big earring day. False eye lash day. Mis-matched shoe day. Joan Collins-worthy shoulder pad day.

    And not to be anti-mustache or anything (because really I do love Magnum PI even now) but I hope none of those guys work in the toy department. It would frighten the children.

  3. I was going to say Fake Eyelash Friday has a certain ring to it. :)