Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sassy Little Things

Sometimes my children are sweet and adorable.

And sometimes  they're not.

Kristina is moving into school-age sassiness. She hasn't started rolling her eyes at me yet, but she likes to make them go cross eyes or keep spazzing off to the side when I'm talking to her. I have little doubt she'll get the whole exasperated sigh and eye roll trick down pact very soon, and she already knows how to get all in a huff over me doing things like asking her to pick up a puzzle she was playing with or telling her that she doesn't get to wear whatever horribly inappropriate for the day/season/activity outfit she wants.

And Adrianna... well, she still may not be talking much, but she sure does manage to be a little imp herself at times.


Yep. And that's the quiet cooperative one right there. I'm really hoping that video is HILARIOUS to me in a few years. Perhaps I should try to film Kristina's huffing eye rolling too, I'm sure it'll seem much much cuter in 8 or 10 years. You know, right about the time I'm dealing with a pair of bratty teenagers....

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