Thursday, July 12, 2012

Self-Rescuing Princess

I got Kristina and myself self-rescuing princess shirts a few years back.

She has long since outgrown hers (although Adrianna may be getting into it soon....), and I think I may need to get her another one.

[Note to self: determine whether you still have Kristina's xsmall shirt around somewhere, or if you need to order new ones for both of your little princesses.]

When I was wearing mine the other day, she spelled out the letters and asked what it said.

I told her "self-rescuing princess" and she quickly responded "but the prince rescues the princess".

I hid my moment of horror by quickly quoting moments from favorite (by which I mean ones I have personally watched so many times I could give you a complete narration of the entire 90 minutes of animated dialogue, with sound effects) movies.

Remember in Shrek when the Robin Hood outlaws tried to kidnap Fiona, and she totally defeated all of them?

Remember how Rapunzel saved Flynn Rider when he was in trouble in Tangled? Multiple times?? 

Remember how Snow White.... um....... well, there was Belle, she sorta helped the Beast right at the end... and.... um........ Jasmine... no, Cinderella.......... kinda did... stuff...... god dammit classic Disney, the kids still love you but you rather suck for empowering little girl role models.

I quickly moved on to literature.

Remember how Elizabeth rescued her prince in The Paper Bag Princess? And then decided he was a jerk and she didn't want to marry him anyways? 

Remember how Princess Smartypants tricked all those silly princes so they would leave her alone? 

But unfortunately, all my best examples are contained in books more advanced than the standard preschool library.

And now I'm wondering whether we can wait until Christmas to buy Brave on DVD (I have not seen it, but the previews make it look just awesome and all my friends who have seen it (you know, the ones without children) said it was pretty good), or whether I'll have to go ahead and shell out the extra money to take her to it in the theater this summer

Because if there is one thing I'm going to teach my children, it's that the princess CAN (and should) rescue themselves.

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  1. You should ABSOLUTELY take them to see Brave. My girls LOVED it, and now they want bows and arrows so they can outshoot their suitors, too. And the even better part is the underlying mommy-daughter tension, my oldest and I have been butting heads in similar ways....but I'm pretty sure she'll never go to a witch and accidentally turn me into a bear now. So this is good. Right?!

  2. THIS is one of the reasons why I wanted a daughter so badly. I wanted to instill this wisdom into her. Apparently, the Powers That Be thought I would do too good of a job and gave me boys instead.