Sunday, July 29, 2012


On Friday night Adrianna got her very first stitches.

And despite notching just short of a full 5 years of parenthood, it was my first time taking my baby for stitches as well.

(Second children everywhere, rejoice! For you will have at least a faint chance to do something FIRST.) 

Remember those prenatal classes everyone takes? They should totally include a segment about assessing whether your baby needs stitches.

But not just the usual "if it's longer than an inch or so deep it won't stop gaping" stuff that occasionally pops up in parenting magazines.

No no, there should be helpful instruction for how you correctly assess wound depth from an awkwardly located cut as it's spurting blood all over you and your screaming child. And then what do you do with your flesh-wounded child in between determining that said flesh wound really might need professional medical attention and when you actually manage to hand your child over to said medical professional. As they're probably still screaming. And bleeding. And not being real cooperative with the panicked parents shoving them into car seats. 

As it was just after 5 on Friday, the clinic up in here in the mountains was already closed for the day, so I got to take her nearly an hour drive away to the closest Urgent Care place that actually takes the girls' Tricare insurance.

(Tricare is awesome with what it covers, but a real pain in the ass to use in any region not right next to a military base.)

And after a few more hours of hanging out, the doctor finally had a chance to look at her chin.

Yep, it needed stitches.

(Feel free to break into parenting applause at any time.)

First they put on a numbing cream for 15 minutes. As it didn't seem to actually numb a whole lot, I'm not entirely sure why. But maybe it was the thought??

Then they stabbed her open wound with a syringe of something which might have actually numbed it a little a whole bunch of times. I distinctly remember that being the most painful part of getting stitches in lip when I was 7, and I felt REALLY horrible holding her down for it as she screamed.

And then her chin started bleeding profusely again, but at least this time most of it was on hospital bedding.

Next came the actual stitching. We managed to get her sucking on her pacifier for it, and she almost looked like she was about to fall asleep towards the end.

(Why yes, it would be my child to fall asleep in the middle of getting stitches in her chin.) 

10 little stitches later, we were cleared to go home.

Despite it being close to 9pm at this point and her stress filled evening, the little trooper was still awake when we got home and as smiley as ever. 

And has been greatly enjoying her unlimited quantity of chin bandaids since. She sure does love bandaids, and is usually very saddened by being cut off after only getting two or three of them for her imaginary injuries. But no, she gets a new chin bandaid every time she takes the old one off! Or makes a mess with what she's eating! Or puts her face in the sandbox!

[Note to self: buy a few more boxes of bandaids at work tomorrow]


  1. Poor thing!! Poor you!! I haven't done stitches yet - not looking forward to it.