Monday, July 30, 2012

Table Saws and Other Exciting Target Finds

So, I was doing these as a sort of 3-part little serious about the amazingness of Target. And then may have forgotten about actually publishing this last segment. Ahem. My bad. You'd think for doing something in my free time for no personal financial or employment benefit that I'd be more on top of my game here. Ah well...

No dinning set would be complete without the Table Saw. I think there should be a new trend of using these at weddings. Except maybe they should be upgraded to the electric chainsaw version to tackle the super large cakes.

This one is for all of you who like to reenact famous movie scenes while baking cupcakes, a shark potholder!

Dun-da. Dun-da. Dun-da dun-da dun-da dun-da....

It certainly is a season for hideous memorable lamps. And just in case the feathers and balloon dog didn't do it for you, there's also the giant tube of lipstick option! I do somewhat question how much light a glowing pink tube could possibly produce, but then again, I doubt people would be buying it for any amount of genuine usefulness. However, these lamps to bring back memories of middle school and my AWESOME lipstick eraser collection. Yep, I sure was a cool 13 year old pretending to put on lipstick. With an eraser.

And just in case you weren't already buying all of these products marketed towards college students for your 5 year old, there's a Mr. & Mrs. Foodface plate set.

But don't worry, Target doesn't discriminate with age. Grandpa will be the hit of the nursing home with a denture ice cube set. This is another one of those pieces that I think would be an exceptionally good seller come Halloween. You know, two months after it's been discontinued and sold out.

You know what's even more fun than cooking? Pretending you're a rockstar while cooking! And with these handy dandy MixStix, you can totally jam out on the pots as you stir them!

Because, you know, it was really hard to just use regular wooden spoon handles as drumsticks.... 

Want to know what's better than a piggiebank? A GORILLA bank!

Actually, I don't really think that. Target has some really cool piggiebanks over by the kids bedding section these days, including one that's covered in chalkboard paint.

But hey, it was on the same endcap as the rest of this exciting stuff.

Like a Buddha Butter Dish! Who wouldn't want one of those? I'm sure people who practice Buddhism really like their god being mockingly used with toast. And nothing says classy like a Buddha on the table for Thanksgiving dinner. Those simple silver dishes have nothing on a chubby naked guy! 

Last, we come to the Ninjabread Men. These are another one of those odd things I'd actually kinda like to have in my kitchen. Because then I'd make gingerbread cookies of serious awesomeness.
Of course, my children might not be very understanding of why we can't just make Santa Clause. Which just means they need to take some Ninja classes of their own.

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