Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Forklift and Me

Today I used the power forklift at work. And I didn't die!

Nor did anyone else, and I only bashed into a support beam kinda hard once!


It wasn't easy.

In fact, it was the longest 30 minutes I've had at that store in a long time.

Some people are natural forklift drivers, effortlessly gliding large pallets piled high with yogurt and watermelons off of the refrigerated freight truck and into the backroom coolers.

And then there is me.

And apparently, I am NOT a natural forklift driver. In fact, I may be the complete opposite of a natural forklift driver, a sort of mechanized machinery arch-nemesis hurricane being released upon the back room.

In my very meager and pitiful defense, until today I haven't ever actually had to use the power forklift since my very brief initial training on operating all of the backroom power equipment over a year ago.

To make my rather pathetic forklift learning process even better, the backroom had quite a few people bustling around in it right then doing all sorts of various behind-the-scenes things that keep the store running.

....................including watching Marty futilely attempt to get un-stuck from the corner she somehow accidentally backed herself into and providing all sorts useful commentary about how she should be doing things completely different when she almost knocked over a very tall produce pallet while pulling it down the loading dock.

Yes, it was very exciting, and my dignity might have even survived the day with a few tiny scrapes still intact.

On the upside, I figure that in like 6 months when I'm totally awesome at unloading the truck I can look back at this experience and be like, see how far I have come? I was horrible at it! And now I'm totally awesome and gots me some mad unloading skillz. Or at least I don't get stuck in corners as much anymore.

Also, I would just like to extend my most sincerest apologies to the truck driver who had to watch this suffering and was ever-so-slightly late for leaving our stores as a direct result of my questionable tuck unloading skills. I swear I'll get better. Or at least convince them that I'm totally incompetent to be unloading the truck by myself, and should never be made allowed to do it again without some seriously capable forklift driving backup assistance.

Yep, just another day living the dream and learning to operate a power forklift through the most egotistically painful ways possible: practice and trial and error.

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