Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Short Skirt Hike

I was off of work today, and after the morning I was supposed to spend doing stuff that ended up actually spent napping, I felt far too re-energized to be confined to the house all day and headed out for a few hours of shopping (by which I mean looking at stuff, not buying) and a lunch date with my book (I really do love me some self-absorbed novel time while leisurely munching on french fries).

However, I ended up back in Nederland a little early for picking up Adrianna from preschool, so I went to my usual kill-20-minutes spot in that town, Barker Reservoir.

It's very pretty down there, and almost always a quiet place to go with relaxing views of the water and mountains. Oh, and I get cell phone service right there (just not in most of the rest of the town) and can therefore browse the internet on my still-not-dead-even-though-it's-almost-3-years-old smartphone.

I normally don't even feel so inclined to get out of my car, since the total amount of time is usually short and I really like the little personal bubble being in a car usually provides.

But today I really had to pee, and there was this portapotty right there.....

And after I was physically out of my car, I realized it felt really nice outside right then, so I impulsively decided to walk down the hiking path that runs along the side of the reservoir.

However, I hadn't exactly been anticipated a hike this afternoon, and was wearing a short skirt and capri tights.


No matter, I'm pretty sure I could climb a mountain in a ball gown and heels if I really had to, a flat hike in a skirt shouldn't be a problem in the slightest. 

It was about this time that I also realized I had never walked around this side of the res in my entire life, and felt slightly ashamed about that detail. I quickly resolved to come back and do the whole thing some time. Preferably in jeans and boots, or at the very least sneakers.

I found a neat little unofficial access trail going up the side of mountain, and promptly climbed up there amongst the trees despite my questionable-for-climbing attire.

It was a neat spot, hidden away with some well positioned rocks to sit on.

And some... icky............ underwear...................


Of course, after noticing that particular (and slightly disturbing) detail, I immediately (well, immediately after I got over the gross factor) began analytically considering the spot and it's capacity for secluded outdoor sex.

All in all, it's not a great spot.

Although it feels hidden and isolated when you're up there, it's really still very public. The highway is feet above you, the forest cover is not dense by any means, and as much of the trail you can still easily see would mean people on that trail could just as easily see you.

Admittedly, I doubt there's much foot traffic after dark along there, but still... the isolated feeling is almost entirely an optical illusion within your own head.

And then there's the straight up logistical complications of the sexing itself. I could kinda sorta comfortably perch on a rock up there. I sincerely doubt I could pull off sex on that rock. And there was a VERY small patch of flattened pine needles, that did not look any more promising in my personal opinion.

Clearly the horny teenagers of this town don't have a lot of good options going for them. Or they're just very bad at finding spots.

I, on the other hand, merely have very poor judgement with my outfit choices as I (apparently) wear skirts at all the wrong times.

Ah well, at least the view was nice.

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