Sunday, August 19, 2012

Adrianna's Rocky Morning at the Park

A few days ago I took the girls to the little park up here in Nederland.

It was a very casual meet-and-greet sort of deal for the kiddos going off to Kindergarten, and Kristina was more than happy to frolic around the playground with the horde of little boys.

Adrianna was a little more despondent about the whole affair.

She briefly picked some flowers.

And played in the gazebo by herself.

And then laid down on a large rock.

The rest of the morning she alternated between trying out other various rocks to lay on and sprinting away from the playground.

So I spent lots of time watching my child flop around on large rocks, wary of her vanishing act.

It was very exciting, let me tell you what.

Clearly I had NO idea what the fun thing to do at the park is, having previously thought it might involve the swings or climbing up the big rock wall or going down the slides or somehow interacting with any of the other 30+ children also at the playground right then, including a solid half-dozen preschool aged little-siblings-of-kindergarteners just like Adrianna.

I think I might need get her a large laying rock for the next present-obligated calender event, as it clearly is her most favorite thing to do in the world. Well, that and picking wildflowers.

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