Tuesday, August 21, 2012

And Off to School We Go

Today was Kristina's official first day of Kindergarten.

(Cue simultaneous cheering and sobbing... NOW! Oh wait, was that just me?)

She was very excited about the whole thing, and I think it was the longest 45 minutes of her life this morning until it was time for the school bus to come.

Adrianna was very supportive of her big sister, and only threw a couple of fits about not being able to go on the school bus too. Don't worry, Kristina was very mature and only had to point that she was TWO each time it happened, which of course made Adrianna stop crying long enough to argue that she was five too and do that tongue out spitting thing at her sister.

(It is hard to thbbbbbt when you're crying.)

Oh, and I even got Kristina to stop jumping up and down enough to get a decent picture of her ready to go to school.

(This was harder than it sounds.)

After another few eternities of standing at the bus stop (or 10 minutes, that just felt like a few eternities to all parties involved), the infamous school bus finally arrived.

 Kristina ran up onto the bus as soon as it stopped, far more interested in getting in there than saying goodbye to me, but did glance back out the door as she was sitting down in the Kindergarteners Only seats right up in front and gave a little wave with a big grin on her face.

 And then the bus drove away.

I had no idea how profoundly mixed the emotions are behind the first day of kindergarten, but it is a complex moment for the reflective parent as that bus pulls away with your baby inside of it. You have succeeded in raising your child to be ready (so, so ready) for this next stage in her life, but it also marks a turning point of what being a parent means. Her babyhood, with whatever miniscule sliver of it might have been left at this point, is officially gone.

Bring on the school years, Life, Kristina is ready to rock it.

(And I'm sure I will be too. Eventually.....)


  1. Her eagerness means you prepared her well. She is now ready to take on the universe. Good job growing an awesome, independent creature of pink and doom.

  2. I love the bus stop pic! They're too cute!