Friday, August 10, 2012

Get Your Party On

Kristina's slightly infamous pink rock and roll pegasus birthday party is tomorrow.

I'm taking a brief respite from blowing up ridiculous quantities (ok, like 30...) pink balloons before I go and make 4 dozen heart and dinosaur shaped peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

(They didn't have guitar or pegasus shaped sandwich cutters! And I'm kinda lazy. And like dinosaurs.....)

Oh, and clean up the playroom.

And perhaps straighten up my very-visible-to-the-playroom-and-bathroom-route desk

And drag the card table out of the back of the overstuffed storage closet.

And find some tape.

And inflate all the tiny inflatable guitars.

And figure out what I am doing with a dozen tiny inflatable guitars.

And I'm really tired already from working all day and running around after work to pick up the ice cream cake and other food stuff...........

But it's ok.

I just have to make it through tomorrow morning, and then I have a birthday party respite for 5 months.

Or so I keep telling myself....

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