Friday, August 24, 2012

Hellweek Blogger, Take Three

They let me physically put the Qmosed produce et al into the big trash compactor in the backroom today which is how I got expired almond milk all over my shirt so then the always wonderful HR girl Becky gave me my third identical Target branded t-shirt (4th if you count the long sleeve version I also have) to wear. I keep wanting to do something fun with one of them, but am a total wimp when it comes to just go at things with scissors. However if I get a few more, I may decide I need to make a Target quilt or something equally horrible with them just as an excuse to not wear them every single day.

Last night I got totally distracted by Texts from Dog and spent far too long reading through all of them because they are HILARIOUS and then I got distracted plotting a similar theme something or other possibly involving cats or blogging and more plots to take over the world.

I am a horrible parent, because Adrianna was climbing on the back of the couch and when I saw and said "Adrianna get down from there!" it startled her so she fell off and then I just wasn't all that genuinely sympathetic as I soothed her. That whole "Darwinism" thing and life lessons and all...
(WHY are you not allowed to climb on the back of the couch? It's not just because Mommy likes her furniture, it's also because you'll fall off and bump your head)

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  1. I love texts from dog.
    Good job with Adrianna. I'm pretty Darwinistic with the kids at preschool, too. I guess we're both heartless.