Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hellweek Blogger, Take One

So it's like the longest week ever and I was indoctrinated into small town planning commission meetings tonight which made my 8 hours at work seem not long or hard at all in comparison and tomorrow is dorm opening day for students and a truck delivery and I have to magically guess how much milk to order for the weekend of an internationally renowned bike race also coming through town along with the droves of students who are showing up and I have a dentist appointment which requires driving through that nasty traffic and you readers are all like, don't ask us which type of lame ass cope out blogging you should do, just give us all of it all the time!! 

You should read this adorable story about baby marsupials being best friends, understand that tomorrow at work I will probably not be able to move through the store on account of the sheer volume of human beings be packed in there and that my little Target store in the little city of Boulder almost always sets nation wide company record sales the day the CU freshman dorms open every year, and coo adoringly over this picture of Adrianna giving me flowers.

You're welcome, you greedy unhelpful blog-following bastards.

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