Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hellweek Blogger, Take Two

I got to place my first emergency milk order at work today (to get some more in this afternoon, since we were totally out of skim and 1% Market Pantry brand half gallons) which came with a good healthy dose of scolding from our milk distribution center about not properly stockpiling quantities in anticipation of increased demand and a condescending inquiry about whether the regular order that had already been placed for tomorrow would be enough or if I'd be doing this again in 3 days, which led to me over-analyzing the order done by my boss and freaking out for a solid 20 minutes that we would not, in fact, have the correct quantities of milk for the increased demand of all the students showing up but then they made me stop freaking out in the office and go out onto the sales floor to do something (work? yes, I think that was the word mentioned....) so I got distracted by freaking out over the large quantities of people touching me (FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T TOUCH THE TARGET EMPLOYEES TO GET THEIR ATTENTION TO ASK WHERE TRASH BAGS ARE JUST POLITELY SAY EXCUSE ME) and never did decide what to do about the milk. Right now I'm hoping my old boss was right and that my new boss was doing this last year and knows what he's doing, and therefore I should stop freaking about it. He also told me to stop freaking out about there being so many people (WHO WERE TOUCHING ME) in the store. I mentioned that retrospectively I'm kinda surprised I lived through last year, and he commented that so was he. Yay Target!

I have three awesome looking brand new books to read and have only made it through the first two chapters of one, a clear indicator of the increased general stress level as seen by my inability so stop spazing out long enough to sit still and read even on my breaks at work. [Insert clever and witty segue here] Check out this adorable comic by Denver artist Grant Snider about books! He posts fun webcomics over at Incidental Comics, and is one of my favorite artistic bloggers to follow.

Adrianna has not been taking well to Kristina going to kindergarten. She throws a huge fit every morning when her sister gleefully trots up to the bus as she gets dragged back to the house to be driven to preschool. It could be a long 3 years....

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