Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How I Got New Pants

Today at work I accidentally rammed into my ankle with one of the large flat bed carts we use for moving larger items around the store.

Admittedly, it was because I was trying to move two of them at once and therefore was pulling one instead of merely pushing it as I'm supposed to do for safety reasons.

(So like, you don't ram your ankle with it, apparently......)

(But don't worry, I popped in on the newest training class right when they were discussing that and totally help instill the fear of flesh mauling carts. I figure it kinda cancels out my lack of proper safety procedure, right?)

My grievous ankle smashing injury occurred right as the refrigerated truck delivery was being unloaded (hence why I'd been hurriedly moving two flat beds at once, in preparation of it), and therefore I didn't stop to closely examine my ankle beyond muttering curses under my breath about how much it had hurt.

(A lot.)

As it's not the first time I've come home with a bruised ankle from a similar incident, it just didn't register as something overly noteworthy happening.

Except that this time, I managed to draw blood.

But I didn't realize I was bleeding, and went right about pushing out all the stuff that had been on the truck.

Which was very physically demanding, and included actions like squatting.

Which is how I managed to smear ankle blood all over the backside of my khaki capris.

Me and my Micaela.
Luckily, the ever awesome and newly promoted to Team Lead of Softlines (that would be the clothing area of the store) Micaela was very sympathetic to my case, and more than happy to requisition me (that would be "buy it" without using money, an amazing power I do not yet have with operating cash registers) a new pair of Target pants and even some not-bloody socks to go with them!

Yep, it's good to have friends who are powerful. And also female, and therefore fully understanding of the statement "I need new pants".

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