Monday, August 27, 2012

Long Day

Today started at 5:20am, with my alarm going off for me to get up for work after 6 hours of sleep.

I worked 6:30am-2:30pm at Target, and was the only person in the entire grocery section of the store for 7.5 of those hours.

Then I hustled up Boulder Canyon to meet Kristina as she was getting out of school (REAL school, with crazy parent pickup lanes and everything) to take her to soccer practice, which was in the rain.

After soccer practice it was getting her home and getting both girls fed and bathed before my preschool board of directors meeting at 6pm.

And now, at 10pm, I am finally able to be "done", so long as I don't mind putting off the hundred little things that still (always?) need to get done until tomorrow. 

It was a long day.

It wasn't bad, but it has gotten very, very long.

Do most people often have days that feel this long? I wonder about that, whether it's somehow the combination of kids and work and lack of spouse, or whether it's just the normal pace of life as an adult in today's society. 

However, that deep inner pondering is going to wait, because right now there is a hot shower and a soft bed eagerly awaiting my arrival, and I just hate to disappoint such important things as my pillow. 

Good night world, sleep tight.

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  1. I hate days like that, and it feels as if all my days are currently that way.