Saturday, August 18, 2012

Thank God for Over Time

I have not been a big fan of Target's policy regarding employees getting over time in the past.

Or more specifically, the irritatingly strict requirements of how NO employee is to accrue any over time in any situation.

Multiple times thus far in my Target career I have gotten coached (that would be a verbal reprimand by my direct boss) for clocking OT for the week in an amount of less than 5 minutes.

That's right, instead of clocking in at 39:59 hours of work for the week, I clocked in at 40:02.

More than once!!

The horror is shocking to you, I have no doubt. How could I possibly show up on time for every shift, only take my 30 minute minimum lunch, and then not leave right on the dot one day? I am almost certainly single-handedly bankrupting the corporation through my careless time clock usage.

But today, for the very first time, I was genuinely glad Target took hitting the over time mark so seriously.

You see, this weekend officially marks our kick off to the week of hell the return of the CU students.

As I am still rather new to the market area, I have been getting some guidance about how to run that area of the store during this very special (and thankfully, short term) time for the store. And the most resounding piece told to me has been:

Whatever you do, do NOT run out of food. 

Alright. Do NOT run out of food. I can handle that, right?

So then I placed the perishables order for produce and meat on Thursday, knowing that it would be arriving on the kick off to the week of hell today.

And I ordered a LOT of stuff.

In part because of the underrunning "don't run out food, whatever you do just don't run out of food" in my head, but also because of things like how the truck delivery on the day I was placing the order showed only having 3 of the 10 cases of blueberries we put in on it, all of which were sold out within a few hours.

So this last time I placed the order for 35 cases of blueberries.

3 were cut from the order when it was shipped to us, bringing the actual delivery down to 32, and then when the produce was getting backstocked another 3 cases were accidentally knocked over spilling blueberries all over the backroom.

And now it's wait and see.

Wait and see how many of those 29 remaining cases of blueberries have sold by Wednesday. Wait and see if I ordered enough. Or too much. Or even (gasp!) too little.

However, the order was large by other standards.

Like the pallets.

All the food stuff comes in stacked on 5"x5" pallets and wrapped up in saran wrap. These particular pallets were all stacked taller than me, with a total of 931 cases of food stuff on 16 pallets.

It was so much food stuff, we were having serious problems getting all of it physically into the walk-in coolers and freezer in the backroom.

And the Senior Team Lead of market said it was the largest FDC (aka: food truck) delivery he had ever seen at the store.



Yeah, I don't think anyone knows yet whether I did really great or really horrible with the order.  

But because today's delivery was so large, I was busy pushing the stuff from the truck out to the sales floor for most of my shift, including the 45 minutes past when I was supposed to leave, and would have been there for another 5 or 6 hours finishing it up had I not been at my overtime mark for the week.

Oh my God thank you thank you thank you for saying I had to leave!!! And I get an entire... 13 and a half hours.... until I go back there.... and place another perishables order................'s going to be a loooooong week at Target.

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