Friday, August 10, 2012

The Merit of Blogging

Blogging is an interesting phenomenon.

Now anyone can say anything about any subject, and it's considered a respectable hobby.

I do like the ability to easily keep a general group of people, such as "the family", well informed about my life. Or rather, allow for each individual to be as well informed about my life as they wish to be, while in no way excluding or accidentally leaving out anyone.

I also think it's kinda cool that anyone else is equally able to keep involved with me. I've had several surprising readers, people whom I went to school with ages ago and wasn't even all that close to back in the day, but whom still read these rambles of mine... presumably, because they enjoy them? I have no idea. My parents read this because they're my parents (I'm sure it's in the laws of parenthood somewhere, probably in between "will attend all class plays, no matter how horrible 3rd graders are at acting" and "will eat all culinary creations of an aspiring young chef-child, no matter how questionable to one's stomach"), and also because they like hearing about what is going on in my life and their adorable grandchildren.

But see, I'm not as sure why other people who aren't closely related or otherwise personally invested in me would be such dedicated readers. I think it's really (REALLY) cool that they are! I just don't fully know why. However, that's all a part of why the blogging medium is so unique to this generation, because they can totally do that for whatever personal reasons they have and it's great.

And because it's a blog on the internet, complete strangers can trip over it too and read to whatever extent they feel like reading. Incidentally, if any of those strangers happen to be big shots at publishing companies or power house journalists who feel so inspired with my amazing awesomeness at half-assed writing that they would want to let me have the chance to write something more amazing and awesome than a blog, that would be incredibly awesome. Just sayin'.

However, I can literally write ANYTHING I want here. And people will read it. Maybe not a lot of people, and maybe not people with any real baring on anything, but people none the less. I like telling stories about my life, but I could just as easily be ranting about politics or condemning you to hell for not following the religious beliefs of the clan of the common fruit fly.

That is a strange sort of power. The power to document and share ideas, without any judgement of merit being placed on them. The entire internet is based around the ability for stupid crap (and also, not so stupid crap) to go viral, and there isn't any clear indication of what will overwhelm international facebook feeds and what will remain undiscovered in the dark corners of cyberspace for a few eternities.

But there's one other aspect of blogging that I really like, and which contributes more to why I do it at all than anything else. I need to write. Writing helps me sort through ideas running rampant in my head, and keeping it as a blog requires a minimal structuring those ideas into a logical succinct package (I even usually use paragraphs!). Writing helps me problem solve and remember things better. And once I write thoughts down, they go away. It's incredible, that something will be bothering me for days and I won't be able to stop thinking about it. Once it gets turned into a blog post, it has literally flowed from my brain out of my fingers and simply isn't there any more. And that is so incredibly cool.

But sometimes I just wish I had something more worthwhile to say. 


  1. Don't forget the comments. I am amazed at myself at how gleeful Ivey when I get to my dashboard and there are comments!! Who ask all the questions I ask when I'm rambling on! I don't get many page views compared to some whopper popular blogs but I get a satisfaction from the few I do. ( even if they are mostly my own - BC I can't seem to permanently switch off my own page view counter!!)

  2. Who ask all the questions I ask - I have NO idea what I was writing!!! Sorry , it's dead early and I'm barely awake :-)