Friday, August 3, 2012

Why Potty Training Sucks: Example 3

Adrianna has not been making the sorts of amazing strides forward in becoming fully potty trained that one might have hoped for.

In fact, she might have even regressed a little since the last time I posted about it.

Which means there have been lots of "accidents" happening.

When such an event happens while she's at preschool, the teachers put the soiled garments (you'd be surprised how often peeing oneself requires a FULL wardrobe changed and not just a fresh pair of shorts. Unless, of course, you're potty training a small child yourself, in which case you are intimately aware of how small quantities of urine can defy basic physics to cover a much greater mass area than conceptually possible) into a plastic bag, tie it up pretty, and leave it in her cubby to be brought home.

An exceptional parent would immediately take the bag, open it up, and promptly rinse the soiled clothes out in the sink as soon as they got home.

The rest of us toss the bag into the dirty clothes swearing we'll get to that step later while attending to the immediate demands from the screaming hordes, only to find numerous little bags of pee-soaked clothing awaiting us the next time we do laundry.

Believe it or not, pee-soaked clothes aren't exactly improved by a few days of being in a sealed container.

In fact, the urine seems to concentrate itself until it is QUITE strong in scent and more than a little terrifying to the poor parent trying to do the laundry.

And God forbid you ever forget about one that had feces in it....

(Those are the sort of things I sometimes just throw away. But don't tell anyone, because I feel mildly guilty for doing it.)

I am not looking forward so much to the day when she can take care of her own toiletry needs as the day when I stop getting multiple parcels of bio-hazard worthy clothing coming home every day. 

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  1. As a young mother, I often threw away the poopy clothes. Wasteful, but I just couldn't deal!