Monday, August 6, 2012

Worth It

I almost didn't have a second child.

Kristina wasn't exactly the easiest in her baby year (or like, any of her years....), and I certainly wasn't finding motherhood to be as much of an enlightening personal experience as it seemed to be for some. But I didn't want her to be an only child, to a degree that made me feel like I HAD to try and have that second baby then or else I would have failed cosmically in motherhood by cursing Kristina to be a lonely only for my own selfishness.

Although I have been very happy with my decision to have Adrianna, as I'm sure some mushy sentiment somewhere supports about how you fall in love with babies and can't imagine not having had them once they're there (and interestingly enough, she wasn't nearly as challenging as a baby either), Kristina hasn't always been as supportive in the whole "I did this for you, kid" aspect of getting that big sister title.

I suppose it's normal for children to sometimes lament how they wished they didn't have a baby sibling or to request a twin brother instead of the little sister they got (like Mommy can really do anything about that retroactively), but they are still hard comments for me to take in stride.

However, a mere 2 and a half years later (or little over 3, depending on when you want to count from), I have been vindicated!


Did you hear it?! The part just a little ways in where Kristina said "it IS fun having a sister" like it was the most incredulous discovery of her little life.

That was just huge for me. HUGE. And if there was ever a moment that came close to making the challenges of the last three years worth it, it was that.

Thank you Kristina, for making it worth it.

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