Sunday, September 16, 2012

Adrianna's First Joke

When we were driving home today, Kristina thoughtfully looked out the window and asked me if the Carebears were up on the clouds.

I'm really not much for blatantly lying to my children, however it also seems cruel to purposefully crush any slight hope for magic in the world when they're still young enough to believe in it.

So I did my normal parenting tactic when faced with such dilemmas, and asked her which was her favorite Care Bear [note: only considering the classic 80s version, the newest remake is highly disappointing] instead of actually answering her question.
Why yes, I DO think I'm just hilarious!

And after some deep discussion about whether Kristina  preferred Funshine Bear over Cheer Bear, I asked Adrianna who here favorite Care Bear was.

To which she responded in her ridiculously cute tiny baby voice "Poopy Bear" and started laughing hysterically. 

Yep. That's my girl. So clever, she's only two and already making poop jokes. She's going to be successful in life for sure!

[And just to clarify, for all those who might not be up on the names of the Care Bears, there is no 'Poopy Bear' in the Care Bear Family.]

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  1. She would love my boys. The Dynamic Duo think poop or farts are the punchline to everything.