Thursday, September 13, 2012

Divided Plate Parenting

When I was a child, I was principally opposed to my food cross-contaminating on my plate.

Ok, I might still be principally opposed to my food cross-contaminating on my plate, but as I am a mature adult now (stop laughing, Mother) I suck it up and just eat the mashed potatoes that got steak juices in them like a normal person.

For many years though, my parents had a running joke about how they were going to get me divided plates instead of fine china for my wedding.

Although they didn't actually follow through with this, I have come to adore having divided plates in my life anyways.

While it might be slightly humiliating for an adult to use divided plates as their regular dishes, it is a totally acceptable practice to have divided plates on hand for your children.

And even though I don't stoop so low as to actually use my girls' princess divided plates for my own food (even though they're really awesome and way cooler than every other dish in the dish cupboard except for, perhaps, the my little pony heart-shaped bowl), I still greatly appreciate the divided nature of them.

You see, in addition to not cross-contaminating the food I am serving to my children (it would be just terrible to raise kids without subconsciously implanting them with your own odd neurotic quirks) the divider plates ALSO remind me to feed them a more balanced meal.

As long as there are empty compartments on the plate, I continue to look around the kitchen for stuff to put in them, and therefore impulsively give my children peas when otherwise I'd probably forget about how I'm supposed to be feeding them vegetables.

[Note to self: feed children more vegetables]

Yep, divided plates are key to proper parenting success.


  1. I love divided plates, too. I've got a set of Corelle ones that are our "tv dinner" trays. My mom says it's because in a previous life I was in jail and loved those tin trays. Whatever.

  2. I cannot stand to have my food touch, and my kids are the same way. I covet a set of corelle divided plates and might buy me a set after we move.