Friday, September 28, 2012

Learning Soccer

This fall Kristina started soccer for the first time.

The league is a non-competitive coed one between several of the smaller mountain schools, and only runs for a few months due to impending arrival of snow.

As Kristina was both extremely young to be on it (she technically missed the end of July birthday cut off to be old enough, but they waived it since she was starting Kindergarten), and has had a distinct lack of organized sports in her toddler and preschool years, I wasn't entirely sure how it would go.

The first practice was.... um.... interesting.

Yep, interesting is a good word for it. Very, very interesting.

BUT the children have made astonishing progress since then, and at the game this past Saturday there were true moments of actual SOCCER being played!

It was very exciting.

However, despite Kristina's natural athletic abilities and love to be in the middle of the action, and even a faint grasp of the rules of the game, she still is having one little difficulty with the game.

She doesn't always remember which goal is hers.

But that just means she has her very own parent chant and/or nickname already!

Wrong Way Kristina. 

It's good to have opportunities to grow, and other than the directional confusion issue, I think she's doing quite well at the game for her age and lack of prior soccer experience.

And the mountain teams' fields make for some gorgeous backdrops for fall soccer pictures.

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  1. Wrong Way Kristina is one bad ass muthfucka nick name. Good for her!

    My sons played soccer. For 45 minutes. Then they agreed that there were too many adults making up too many rules and RUINING THEIR FUN. So they quit. Thankfully I'd not yet written the cheque for club fees.

    BTW, my husband came home yesterday and said, "I read the craziest thing in the paper today and it has to do with the town where your friend Marty lives." That's right, Marty -- he was referring to the Frozen Dead Guy Festival.