Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Monster Addicted

I had never had an energy drink before I started working at Target.

After Energy Drink Day, I started having one about once a month. You know, for those really "special" mornings.

After I was promoted to the PA position in Market, I started drinking them on the days we got food truck deliveries.

And then on mornings without truck deliveries as well.

And as of yesterday, I'm buying 4-packs of them ahead of time anticipating just how painful the next few mornings are going to be.

Congratulations Miss Marty, it only took you an extra 10 years to get addicted to caffeine just like every other adult.


  1. oooh, and that one's low carb, too! ; )

  2. Ew. I've tried one once and hated it. But I bet if I acquired the taste, I'd be in the same place.

  3. Well, I guess it's better than speed. Or meth.