Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Papa's Birthday

Last week was my father's birthday.

It was also the first birthday I really had Kristina involved with.

Up to now, I was the sort of parent who would take care of things like presents for her friends all on my own.

Ok, it was usually because I forgot about it until the last minute anyways and was grabbing something on my way out of work that day for a party the next morning, but still, it wasn't the proper parenting experience of letting her pick out presents for her friends.

So I'm working on getting better about that. She is in Kindergarten, after all.

Ok ok, so I still bought my father's gift all on my own and selected a card for him 'from the grandchildren'.

BUT I had Kristina write "love, Kristina" in it! It almost would have worked too, had she not made her L the size of the entire half of the card she was supposed to be writing it in. Ah well, this stage of her writing (or rather, her questionable ability to do so) is one of those things I'll miss once she stops, right? I remember back years ago when she used to sing the ABC song wrong, and how now it's way less endearing to hear loudly constantly correctly.

But getting back to her grandfather's birthday....

I also asked her if she wanted to wrap his present, thinking some scissors and tape on generic wrapping paper would be a fun craft to let her tackle. However, Kristina had a VERY different vision in her head when she said yes....

.........................which is how my 66 year old father received a large sparkly princess gift bag complete with no less than fifty sheets of pink and purple tissue paper crammed in on top.

Yep, it was shapping up to be quit the birthday for an old man. 

And then there was the cake.

Originally the idea of the girls and I making a Whalen-family-recipe red velvet cake for him, as it is his favorite kind, was tossed about.

However, after the logistical challenges of making a cake from scratch with two very small helpers were considered, and an almost certain death was threatened from a certain grandma in regards to our fate if we got red dye all over her kitchen (again), a chocolate cake mix seemed like a safer alternative.

............................and then Kristina really wanted to make it in the heart shaped cake pans.

I had also gotten some easy frost can frosting along with the mix, which despite not being as easy to use as I had anticipated it being, was still a big hit with Kristina.

However, while I was busy helping Kristina frost away, Adrianna managed to take the lid off of the sprinkles jar all by herself, so the middle of the cake also got an extra good dose of 2-year-old sprinkled magic.

And THEN they insisted on eating it the moment after it was declared sufficiently decorated. Happy birthday Papa!

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