Monday, September 24, 2012

Parenting Fail: Library Books

As part of her Kindergarten class, Kristina got to go to the elementary school library two Fridays ago and pick out a book to bring home for a week.

Her questionable choice of picture book aside (Plantzilla Goes to Camp, if anyone wants to have their literary experience broadened into the realm of sentient runaway pet flora), she was excited about it and the experience brought back fond memories from my own early grades checking out my own library books from that very same elementary school library.

We read it a few times, and it hung out in her bedroom for the week along with our usual stack of regular library books.

Friday morning rolled around, when she was supposed to bring this library book back to exchange it for another one.

And I remembered about it!!

Granted, it was as we were trying to leave the house to get to the bus stop Friday morning, but I totally remembered she needed to bring her school library book back to school that day! Go me!!

So I quickly ran down to the girls' bedroom to go grab it (we were on our way out the door to catch the school bus, after all).

And I realized it wasn't there.

Some frantic bedroom searching did nothing to produce this particular book, and so I quickly went from being the awesome parent who remembered about the school library book to being the horrible parent whose child couldn't get a new one that day because she had failed to bring back the old one.

But even after Kristina headed off to school library-book-less, there was still the question to answer of what DID happen to that book anyway??

And then I remembered.

The day before I had grabbed the stack of regular library books in her room to drop off (only two days overdue, which is actually pretty good for us) on my way to pick up Adrianna from preschool.

Could I have returned the school library book to the regular library by mistake??

We went by the library after soccer practice today to ask.

I felt *slightly* better about my hypothesized mis-return when the librarian pulled out SEVERAL Nederland elementary school library books and asked which one it was.

(At least I'm not the only epically library failing parent in this town!) 

However, Plantzilla was not there.

Don't despair, the librarian told me, for they just brought a few up to the school last Friday as well.

Could they have already returned Kristina's missing book for me?

And if not, and if it doesn't magically show up around the house this week, does that mean I already owe the school a new library book one month in? It could be a long year of weekly school library visits at this rate.....

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