Sunday, September 9, 2012

School-Age Mama: 3 Weeks Going Strong

Kristina has been in school for 3 weeks now, and while she's been unquestionably doing awesome, I've also been impressed by my not forgetting about important parenty stuff  taking it in stride as well.

  • I was genuinely excited to go to back-to-school night, and pretended I was still excited even after we were there and I realized it wasn't nearly as exciting as I thought it would be. 
  • I remembered about Kristina's first Scholastic Book order and placed one just so she'll be one of the kids who gets to bring home books in a couple weeks, even though there weren't really any books I wanted for us. 
  • I was working at Target during Kristina's first soccer game and when I asked her how it was she told me she scored a goal. I still have no idea whether her team "won", and don't want to ask because I don't want her to think it matters. 
  • Kristina has a brand new personalized pink bigkid backpack, even though she never takes anything more to/from school than a folder and a lunchbox. 
  • I ordered soccer pictures for Kristina while having no idea when they'll be taken and fully expecting them to be of questionable quality, just so she can have that team photo to look at when she's taking her highschool soccer team to state championships in 10 years.
  • I let Kristina ride the school bus even on the mornings I'm taking her sister to preschool in town and could easily drop her off at the elementary school on the way, just because she really likes riding the bus. 
 Yep, we're doing great kiddo, only another 12 years of bake sales and PTA meetings to go!

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