Sunday, October 7, 2012

Adrianna's First S'more

Recently, my parents and I pulled out the fire pit for the grand experience of making S'mores with the girls.

Kristina had made them the previous autumn with her preschool (and ate so many of them this particular day that she promptly got sick and added some lovely barf to Grandma's porch steps), but it was Adrianna's first time with this experience, and she approached in a truly classic Marty curiously cautious way.

First, she looked at it skeptically, unsure of this new sticky combination.

Then a timid taste of the strange sticky creation that had transferred onto her fingers.

Next a closer look at the innards of the s'more beast.

And then finally, a complete discard of everything but for the chocolate (which was eaten greedily).

Furthermore, attempts at just feeding her a roasted marshmallow were equally unappealing, as she continued to be perplexed by both our repeated offerings of it and annoyed by our lack of just letting her eat chocolate bars.

Oh, and just for the record, no children fell into the fire pit during the making of this memorable experience.

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  1. Smart girl -- go for the chocolate! It's the best part.