Saturday, October 13, 2012

Chocolate, Chocolate Everywhere

Occasionally I have moments where all of a sudden I'm covered in chocolate and I don't even know how it happened.

Do you have those moments? I really hope so, because otherwise I'm not sure what this confession really says about me.

Other than the part where chocolate and I have a very unique and intimate relationship.

The other evening I managed to get chocolate all over my hand, my pants, my sweatshirt, and my car in the 5 minutes I was playing with my phone before going into a meeting. But it's ok, I like to go for that "super professional" look for stuff like meetings with the town politicians where I'm representing an organization that it trying to be looked upon favorably.

Did I say "super professional"? Clearly I meant "mommy" right there, and let me tell you, my kids got NOTHING on my own personal ability to make me messy.


This isn't going well, is it?

Let me start over.
A few weeks ago I had a few minutes in between when I got off of work at Target and when I needed to be at a Nederland town meeting.

(Nederland town meetings are truly special experiences, let me tell you what....)

I spent those few minutes sitting in my car looking at my cell phone, not thinking anything of it until I went to grab my sweatshirt to put on before exiting the vehicle.

Unrecognized by me at the time, a small tupperware dish that had held chocolate chips that morning was sitting nestled in the cup holder of my car, and now held some melted chocolate goo.

(I know, I didn't eat all of my chocolate chips before work. I somehow forgot there were still some in there? I feel very ashamed of this part of the story.)

Also unrecognized by me, when I reached over to the passenger seat to grab my sweatshirt, I unintentionally dragged the sleeve through this unrecognized cup of melted chocolate goo.

And still unrecognized by me, I subsequently dragged the chocolate covered sweatshirt sleeve across my upper right khaki pant leg, got the sleeve all over the side of my seat, the side of the passenger seat next to me, as well as transfering chocolate goo patches all over the sweatshirt itself while I orientated it to be the correct way up and pulled it on.

All of which was recognized by me as I went to step out of my car.... you know, to go the meeting.......... which was starting like, now..................

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