Thursday, October 25, 2012

My Failings of October

So, some of you may have noticed it's October here.

Well, actually it's almost the end of October at this point.

Which is really bad, since my children still don't have things like pumpkins...

But they do have Halloween costumes!

Did I end up making them? Well, no.... but sometimes buying stuff is ok too!

Ok ok, it may have been a combination of laziness, lack of excessive amounts of free time on my part (dude, I did years not getting sleep for these children, now I am all about being like "stay up late making a costume for you? eh, I actually feel like a hot shower and pillow snuggle right now..."), and a deep down desire to have nice store bought costumes for my kids as it is somehow a mark of better parenting on my part which I miss 98% of the time with the hand-me-down-holey-kneed-questionably-fitting-poorly-matching clothing galore that makes up the vast majority of their wardrobes.

Also, I may have irrational guilt over my personal lack of buying them stuff more often which may or may not be directly tied to my serious lack of larger paycheck. 

BUT THE POINT OF THAT WAS... they do have their (very nice brand new store bought) Halloween costumes!! Therefore, I have not completely failed them on being a parent for the month of October.

I mean, I may have still marginally failed them for their lack of jack-o-lanterns, but I really suck at carving them, and it already snowed! And I'm pretty sure there may be some more failing to come, with a lack of personal motivation to take them trick-or-treating in the snow, but really, I work at Target, can't I just buy away their disappointment with enough buckets full of candy brought home with me??

OOOH! Idea!!! Maybe Halloween should be more like Easter, and all I have to do is hide candy all over the house for them! I like this idea. This idea does not require me trekking for miles along snowy and muddy mountain roads in the dark and cold to reach a few houses to beg for candy when they probably don't even have any on hand since nobody trick-or-treats around here.

[Note to self: see if Target has those miniature plastic pumpkins to fill with candy and hide in a similar fashion to Easter eggs.]

[Note to self: make up good story about the Great Pumpkin hiding eggs pumpkins for them and/or be prepared to convince children that trick-or-treating isn't what they think it is.]

[Note to self: get lots and lots of candy. If all else fails, just start throwing it at them.]

On a positive note, I am brave enough (after I absolutely epically failed to find a reasonable priced version to buy) to try and make a piece of my own costume to wear to work on Halloween. I keep reminding myself that once upon a time (in a land far, far away....) I was almost crafty with stuff like fabric and glue. Somehow since then, I've developed a crippling complex of my inability to do much of anything (see also: why I am still working at Target), which makes me incredibly hesitant and scared of trying.

But tomorrow morning I have a date with a fabric store before work, and I have every hope that the creative pixie dust they sprinkle around in there will take over my psyche and I will instantly be filled with the confidence to say "sure I can do that!!" (while still hopefully keeping track of the sanity that reminds me how much better I am at glue than sewing no matter how cute their sample sewing projects are).

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