Thursday, October 18, 2012

Our Trip to Arizona

After my roommate from college, Cassi, came out for a brief visit last spring, the two of us started coming up with all sorts of exciting plans to hang out more.

(Dear Friends: why must you live in different states from me? Didn't you know? It's highly inconvenient for us hanging out.)

And we actually had several awesome possibilities for this fall, including going back to Iowa together for a wedding of a couple we went to school with and our 5 year college homecoming celebration.

However, what Cassi wanted to do more than anything else was to use my children as an excuse to go Trick-or-Treating in the super quaint town (or so she said, I might argue as it is the size of a regular city with two Walmarts and a Target) she moved to last year where the Victorian houses in the main downtown area are compensated by the city government to go all out just for Trick-or-Treaters.

As the mountains of Colorado aren't a particularly fun place to go Trick-or-Treating in anyways (Dear Mom: I'm sorry I gave you so much shit because you didn't want to hike miles around our neighborhood so I could get a few measly pieces of candy in the really dark and really cold. I understand now. Also, wanna take your adorable grandchildren Trick-or-Treating this year??), I thought this idea sounded absolutely perfect (and maybe even an annual tradition in the making).

However, her and I forgot to TELL one little party about our awesome and very important plans.... her husband Josh. Who then booked a surprise trip to Disney World for them with another couple they're good friends with leaving October 31st.


Ok, new plan! Cassi's birthday is the month prior, she can come visit Marty again in Colorado so we can go see Avenue Q at the Boulder Dinner Theater and Awolnation down in Denver and have lots of fun that way!

And THEN somebody had to go getting herself into a "delicate disposition" (wink wink nudge nudge) where her supervising medical professional said she couldn't travel right then.


Alright, take three! Marty and the girls will get a flight at the last minute to go out to Arizona to visit Cassi at her place over her birthday!

Ok, it might not be quite as exciting as some of our other plans, but hey, at least we get to hang out and make squeely noises together over teeny tiny baby booties (wink wink nudge nudge).

And a hop, skip, and airplane ride later we were re-acquainted with summertime and Cassi (and Josh, I suppose, but I think his biggest role was probably singing the Muppet Song to entertain Kristina in the car).

Their house had lots of fun things for the girls to do, like chalk in the balmy not-below-freezing-plus-wind-chill morning. 

And video games

(Kristina REALLY liked Fruit Ninja.) 

And cat climbing structures.

And a telescope.

And ice cream.

And blue rocks.

And some barnyard animals.

Ok ok, that last one might not have been actually AT Cassi's house. But you know what was? A bacon covered pork loin dressed in crescent rolls in the shape of a suckling pig.

(More on that later, I promise, as it was DELICIOUS. I mean, ADORABLE. I mean... um....... adorably delicious??)

So even if it wasn't the trip we originally (or even secondly) planned, it still came off with flying colors and was lots and lots of fun for all of us.

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  1. I didn't see the pictures of the girls playing video games until now. They're really rocking those instruments. Time to start a band, mama!