Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Compliment of Online Dating

I've realized something over the past few months.

I really like having my okcupid profile. Not because I'm fostering high hopes of tripping over Prince Charming, nor am I any more active on the dating scene than I was before (hehe I even said that with a straight face! Now if you need me, I'll be over here typing on my computer....). But because I keep getting the same sort of compliments that keep my interest in blogging.

Oh my fucking god that is THE BEST PROFILE I'VE EVER READ. THE END

You actually, genuinely made me laugh. Not a chuckle or pitter patter, a deep loud laugh. Thank you for that. Anytime you want to have a drink it's on me.

You like smiling? And plotting to take over the world? Ermahgerd, ME TOO! 

I saw you on here (and our whopping match percentage, not that I take this website all THAT seriously) and started reading your profile, and I must say a couple things. A) I love your writing style. I too am a writer and I would love to check out your blog. You have voice, and literary charisma. :) and B) I felt like I was watching a 20s coming-of-age drama flick when I read your description. That's not supposed to be mean, by the way. I liked it. I can picture Zooey Deschanel playing the lead.

Your profile is brilliant...although I'm getting so conditioned to asking how many 14ers you've climbed and if you have a good sense of humor I am not sure what to do with an honest profile... 

 Oh my, you are adorable.

Your profile is frightfully real. I give a lot of credit to someone that can be real, be vulnerable for everyone to see, make me laugh.. all in all just entertain. Your profile entertains. I can hardly say that about anyone else's profile.

I find it truly interesting that you plan to take over the world, yet consider yourself a hero, rather than villain.

Very interesting profile. Once I started, I could not stop reading ;) 

You had me right up until My Little Pony, and then you lost me a little. But then you did the dinosaur thing and it all got better. Oh and I did clap a bit as well.

You quite honestly wow me with your literary ability and intelligence. 

Apparently, I am a total sucker for being told I'm smart and/or hearing praise about my writing.  Eh, I suppose there are worse things in life to occasionally be vain about....


  1. YES!, to the Zooey Deschanel comment.

    And now I am curious about this amazing profile that you've written. Are you going to share w/ the class?

  2. Awesome. I also wish to see said profile. I will internet sleuth you if I need to.

  3. I find people whose profile are too good to be true to be creepy. I just think that they are not perfect and they should not pretend to be one.