Saturday, October 27, 2012

Theory vs. Reality: Target Overtime

In theory, accruing some overtime at Target doesn't sound terrible.

In fact, it almost sounds like a big exciting treat, as I regular manage to accidentally accrue 40.02 hours for the week, thereby hitting overtime for .02 of an hour, and thereby getting in trouble.

(Occasionally I even remember to sit through those scoldings from my boss without rolling my eyes....)

So when the powers that be in Target started offering up overtime to employees like a forbidden fruit (you can get paid time and a half! That's your normal shitty hourly wage, PLUS another half a shitty hourly wage on top of it!!), I took it.

Which is how I ended up working from 9:30am to 11:30pm yesterday. Well, that and the part where both Market closers called in that day and the store was already swamped from it being Halloween weekend and college students are just fucking insane and... yeah...........

I was doing good with it until I hit right about the 12 hour mark, then the going started to get real painful real quick.

And I totally could have done that exact same fourteen hour day again today if I had wanted to! Somehow, that little extra cash didn't seem worth it anymore........

I was tired. I was tired of being nice to snarky people. I was tired of cleaning up after spoiled college students who were dumping random crap all over the store. I was tired of doing physically demanding work with aching legs and blistered toes. I was tired of running up to the check lanes every 20 minutes for backups. I was tired of taking phone calls to tell people that no we don't have sombreros, we're sold out of spiderwebs, and I don't even know what that movie character reference is but we probably don't have the costume for it because A) our selection of adult costumes was rather lame in the first place and B) all the good shit was gone as of last week. 

So I went home. And I have a whole 10 hours before I have to be back on the clock again!

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