Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Times Like These

Times Like These is a song by the Foo Fighters. It originally came out during my senior year in high school, and recently an acoustic version has been quite popular on my local radio stations.

I like to imagine my life as a movie-fied biography so I can place songs to a quick sequence of 6 months or a few years until I get to another part of actual plot development.

I also like to pretend my life has such things as plot development. It makes it much more suspenseful and exciting.

Plus I have a thing for how music instantly sets mood a thousand times better than even the best authors.

 I felt like this particular song was apt to my life when it started hitting the music scene 10 years ago, but it seems substantially more real to me these days.

It's times like these, you learn to to live again 
It's times like these, you give and give again 
It's times like these, you learn to love again 
It's times like these, time and time again......

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