Friday, November 30, 2012

A Brief Hello

Hi. How are you? Are things going well on your end? If you're American and into things like gorging yourself on turkey, did you have a nice Thanksgiving? And if you're not American or not into gorging yourself on turkey, did you have a nice non-holiday last weekend?

I'm sorry I haven't been blogging more. Today is my first day off from work since before Thanksgiving, and much of it ended up being spent with Adrianna, the doctor's office, and the pharmacy. There has been all sorts of fundraisers efforts going on with the preschool that I'm on the Board of Directors for (and for some reason, these people keep expecting me to like, DO stuff for these events....) which will continue into next week. This weekend is also jam packed with stuff going on, including more fundraising efforts (this one specifically involving gift wrap), a birthday party, a wedding reception, Christmas pageant practice, and seeing the Nutcracker.

And unfortunately, I keep doing crazy things like attempting to go to bed before midnight. I worked 6am shifts all week, that 4:45am alarm is cruel if I don't make that self-imposed bedtime.

However, I did have a really awesome idea I wanted to share with you real quick.

I think there should be a room filled with paper and paint and canvas and yarn and pens and glue and feathers and clay and those awesome rainbow catchers hung in big sunny windows. I think People should be able to say "I need a creative break from life" and be allowed to temporarily give up all normal responsibilities to spend however long they need locked in that room until they don't feel overwhelmed with ideas and thoughts and colors that they simply don't have the time and medium to express because every second is spent being busy and feeling overwhelmed. 

And in conclusion, I hope you all have a pleasant weekend doing enjoyable fulfilling things with the company you prefer.


  1. Are you going to do a gift-wrapping fundraiser? I would be no good at that. Go you.

    Big sunny windows with rainbow catchers sound awesome.

  2. Honey, you work at Target and it's the holiday season. I'm surprised you've been around as much as you have been.