Saturday, November 24, 2012

A Quick Post-Black Friday Update

First of all, this was my first Black Friday working retail.

Second of all, Oh. My. God. I think I'm going to pack up my children and go move to a hut in the woods as far away from humanity as I can possibly get.

Third, I'm cranky for a serious lack of sleep and/or any amount of down time BECAUSE OF AMERICAN'S BEING OBSESSED WITH SAVING $20 ON A STUPID IPAD. Nothing has made me hate the iPad more than being swarmed by an insane mob wanting to get their greedy little mitts on a pathetically small percentage discount. And no, I don't know what the damn difference is between the generations since I've only touched one twice in my life because I'm getting paid to sell them to you at a rate where I'd have to dedicated an entire two weeks of pay just to buy a cute overpriced toy.


Fourth, I was Cashiering in Electronics when the store opened it's doors at 9pm on Thanksgiving Day instead of leisurely eating a 3rd helping of pie. I was still cashiering in Electronics at 4am on Black Friday itself instead of sleeping off a food coma. I finally got home, slept for 5 hours, and went back for another shift still on Black Friday instead of stuffing my face with leftover mashed potatoes and turkey. I am scheduled to continue to work Saturday and Sunday of the Black Friday weekend. Do you Americans see what your stupid mass consumerism has done to my life???

I hope you feel sufficiently guilty about it when playing the Star Wars edition of Angry Birds on your new iPad.



    Do you get danger pay or overtime at least?

    1. Yes. They explained how the pay system worked, but it got REALLY complicated REALLY quickly, because of the differing rates and how between certain hours it was one thing or another, so I'm not exactly sure how MUCH extra pay I get, but I know it's MORE!

  2. I never minded working retail on holidays when I got paid double time. But I also was single and unencumbered by children or family obligations and really had nothing better to do.

    I will think of you every time I watch my new 40" tv. In fact, I thought of you as I was buying it at 10pm Thursday night.