Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Wonderful Wrap Up

Halloween was a success on all accounts for us.

The girls got to wear their princess costumes for the holiday themed events going on at their respective schools (although the skirt Kristina wore TO kindergarten and in whatever amount of time there was pre-costuming has yet to show up again, and Adrianna apparently threw a bit of a fit when her teachers suggested she remove her much beloved red wig for naptime), then my folks took them over to the preschool Halloween party where they enjoyed the extra special occasion of the fire pit (which was graciously loaned to the school by, well, me... even though it's more of my father's and required him and his truck to transport it to/from the facility)  and then took a quick jaunt through the part of Nederland commonly refereed to as "old town" (it sounds better than 'concentrated region of dilapidated old cabins') for some brief trick-or-treating (along with every other child in the vicinity, as it's the only place where houses aren't at least a half mile apart).

I pulled off my brilliant Wonder Woman costume with much success (I really did think I was exceptionally clever to come up with such a good actual COSTUME that totally still fit the Target dress code), and I have to admit, I rather enjoyed being referred to as "Wonder Woman" over the walkie by all of my coworkers that day (I may need to wear the costume more often), even if they were slightly critical of my lack of actual super powers (if only I had worn a cape....). I also managed to gorge myself on Halloween themed snacks and candy in the break room (thank you most awesome HR girl Becky!!), and sweet talk my way into leaving an hour early (mostly just because I had stayed an hour late the night before and was NOT authorized for overtime that week) so I got home just in time to convince two sugar-coma-stayed-up-late-bemoaning-removal-from-friends-and/or-red-wig little girls to go to sleep. Yay!!

Also, I have completely accidentally come up with the most amazing solution for not scarfing my children's Halloween candy! Remember the day I worked some crazy double shifts? Well, the closing manager that evening had me pick out a couple treat bags and a TON of candy to bring home to the girls since I didn't get to see them at all that day (it was a really sweet gesture on his part), except that, being the somewhat rational parent which I sometimes am, I only put a couple of pieces of the candy into their treat bags when I left them out to surprise the girls when they got up in the morning. Thus three LARGE bags of candy have been sitting in my bedroom this last week. And they have been being eaten by me. Ahem. But I'm being so good! I haven't even LOOKED over my kids candy haul to see if there's anything I want yet! And all it took was copious amounts of candy at my disposal. Yep, I think there may definitely be a lesson here for Christmas. And possibly Easter....

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  1. Love the costume! DId you make the head band and add the decals yourself?